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The Fruitful Life Learning Community is a Spiritual Wellness Hub, which is quite different from a religious organization. We provide personal and professional development for the leaders of homes and communities.

We are a community of Seekers, Students and Servants.

Before there was a religion called Christianity, there was a movement known as THE WAY. Fruitful Life is patterned after the 1st-century Followers of Christ, who continued steadfast in the Apostle's teaching and fellowship, in Breaking of Bread, and in Prayers. They met privately in their homes and corporately as a community on a regular basis; and they took care of widows, orphans and the poor, while experiencing miraculous signs and wonders.  

Chris and Carol Green launched the Fruitful Life Learning Community as an intentional effort to help people of faith return to that simple mission and lifestyle that demonstrates God's love and healing to hearts and homes.

Our Mission Statement: "(WE) will rebuild the ancient ruins, restore the places long devastated, and renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations." ---Isaiah 61:4.

Why You Should Join Us

This online community provides a place of daily connection.

There's no pressure to do anything. You can scroll through videos, teachings, and inspirational posts. You can ask questions in a safe space. You can attend gatherings online or check in on live streams. It's your journey with God.

Seek, search, listen, learn, share and grow.


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